Friday, December 24, 2010

PinkButtonBoutique Shop Now Live on our Facebook Page

Thanks to the very easy to use Payvment app, we now have our storefront plugged into our Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Felt Flower Pins Now Available at The Pink Button Boutique

Felt flowers

We stocked a new item in our booth this weekend: felt flower pins ($16). These are one of a kind, handmade items that will be exclusively available at the Galleria.


Jewelry Now Available at Our Booth in the Andersonville Galleria

jewelry up at the galleria

After about 7 months on the waiting list we have been cleared to sell our jewelry at the Andersonville Galleria. Just some earrings for now, but we will have necklaces up there soon, too.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Independent Designer Jewelry : "Blue Lariat" by Judy Kim


"Blue Lariat" is available for sale @ the Pink Button Boutique.

I absolutely adore lariats so I decided to create one.

The gold filled chain is eighteen and a half inches long. A light blue Chalcedony Heart Briolette hangs on each end. In the picture, the stone looks a little darker than it actually is.

If you don't have any experience with lariats, you simply tie it to the length you like. To undo it, you just tug on part of the chain and it should easily undo itself.


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Independent Designer Jewelry : "Amirosa" by Judy Kim


"Amirosa" is available for sale @ the Pink Button Boutique

I created this right after I created the Amirosa earrings. I'm such a sucker for pink and everything pink (Pink Button Boutique, get it?).

The chain is an 18 inch double link sterling silver chain. Hanging is a beautiful Pink Quartz stone and five Keishi pearls.

Simply beautiful and utterly feminine.

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Independent Designer Jewelry : "Pearl Peacock Feathers" by Judy Kim

Pearl Peacock Feathers

"Pearl Peacock Feathers" is available for sale @ the Pink Button Boutique

This necklace gets compliments every time I wear it. One day, I counted eight compliments. It could be the large focal point that looks like peacock feathers. It could be the movement of the peacock feathers since the three parts are linked and not one solid piece. Or it could be the small delicate pearls that hang and tie the piece together that make people stop and look at it. Literally...just stare at it.

The necklace is an 18 inch sterling silver chain. The main focal point is almost two inches long, including the small pearls dangling from the bottom.

It is an interesting, delicate, and beautiful piece. I love wearing it.

Pearl Peacock Feathers

Pearl Peacock Feathers

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Independent Designer Jewelry : "Black Flappers" by Judy Kim

Black Flappers

"Black Flappers" are available for sale @ the Pink Button Boutique

After I made these, I immediately thought of something vintage, like those amazing dancers of the past called "flappers". The small black beads remind me of those dresses they wore, that moved so fancifully.

The earring wire is gold filled and there are two inches of chain with black Spinner beads. Hanging along the bottom is a chalky light green Preynite stone.

I wear these with all the time with black outfits. There is an elegance to them as well so they can definitely be worn at a formal event.

Black Flappers

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